Yummy recipe!!


Ok, so this is a breakfast cookie that I found on a blog and had to make it. It’s got lots of protein in it so I’m excited to eat it tomorrow 🙂

Add 1/3 cup oats and 1 tbs of nut butter of your choice…

Oats and nut butter of your choice ( i used peanut butter)

and 1/2 scoop protein powder

i used Jillian Michael's vanilla whey protein powder

Stir to combine and use the spoon to break up the nut butter until you have a nice crumbly mixture:

Add 1/8 cup milk of your choice (For me, lactose free fat free milk) and mix until fully moistened. Now the fun part- pick the mix-ins! I put raisins in mine 🙂 Stir in your mix-ins and season (I used cinnamon and stevia).


Plop the mixture onto an appetizer-sized plate and with the back of your spoon, flatten it into a round shape with equal thickness throughout…

Put the cookie in the fridge overnight. It will harden slightly from the nut butter and the oats will soften from the milk.

In the morning, take it out and enjoy 🙂


About Leigh-Ann

My name is Leigh-Ann! I'm working on training for my first half and (hopefully) my first triathlon in May. I am a perfectionist and very much like to prove to myself that I can do anything. You can follow me as I work to better myself each day :)

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