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I love today!


New Haircut!

I was SO nervous to get my haircut today b/c i haven’t had layers in it in so long, but I let Carolyn do what she wanted and i LOVE it! She cut 2 inches off before she ever even put layers in it! I had let it grow SO long! I went to Zumba tonight and my ponytail was so short I couldn’t believe it!

Also, I got a call from Lifeway today and they offered me a job! At first I was kinda happy, but more nervous. Just because I don’t wanna be super stressed this year. Working 32 hour weeks (at least) plus 18 hours of school and all of the studying and work that goes along with that is going to be a lot, but hopefully I’ll be able to handle it. I’m actually excited about school this year?! I have no idea why though. Maybe because I’m getting into my interesting classes and am almost finished! Only 3 semesters left!

So, on a completely random note…Something I learned last night: I was with my friend Tiffany after a workout and we went by winn*dixie to get food. Come to find out they have fresh food on SUPER sale at night b/c they’re wanting to get rid of it. Granted not a whole lot of it is healthy, but I did manage to find a couple of things that I am okay with eating. I got A whole rottiserie chicken for $7 that will last me for like a week! and some mashed potatoes for $1! If you’re a college student, then you can understand my excitement about this…or even if you are a health freak you can understand my excitement. I get so tired of spending so much money at grocery stories just b/c healthy stuff has gone SO up in price. Since living on my own I’ve learned the value of a dollar for sure! Paying bills is not any fun at all. But, as weird as this sounds I’m kind of enjoying taking care of myself. It makes me feel so much more responsible than I’ve ever felt.

I’ve just recently started trying to cook more. Nothing beyond grilled chicken and veggies really, but I’m trying to venture out more. So, if you have any yummy, HEALTHY recipes please let me know 🙂